The following are a few pictures from the Western Union "ReUnion" on 9-October-99

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reunion2.jpg (27410 bytes)    Fran Banker and Harlan (Gil) Gelhaus                                                              

reunion1.jpg (38267 bytes)     Fran Banker and Winston Louie (with son & daughter)  

reunion13.jpg (48964 bytes)     Ralph Orluck, Barry Boulier and Ken Sylvia

reunion3.jpg (44396 bytes)      Hil & Ena Ennis with Mary Sagendorf                 

reunion4.jpg (44596 bytes)      Jeanne & (Dick) Richard Rout                                                

reunion5.jpg (43239 bytes)      John Mathieson, David Ferreira  & friend Nan                                              

reunion6.jpg (39723 bytes)     Carol & Don Henry with Ken Erickson                                              

reunion7.jpg (33038 bytes)    LaDonne Janet & husband Maurice                                                

reunion15.jpg (47465 bytes)     Roberto Bofill, John Mathison and Richard (Roberto's friend)

reunion8.jpg (31340 bytes)     Marco Salinas & Danny Solorzano

reunion16.jpg (41541 bytes)      Marilyn Baker & husband Walter Allen

reunion11.jpg (36117 bytes)     Mitch Ruddy, Harlan Gelhaus and Tim Alderman

reunion12.jpg (41254 bytes)     Phylis  McElroy-Larsen & ReoLa Johnson

reunion14.jpg (45557 bytes)    ReoLa Johnson, Josie (Pastrana) Dela Dingo & Marilyn Feerick

reunion9.jpg (48436 bytes)     Margaret Mortus & friend Dave with Pete and Delores Lydon